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Our stone fireplace mantels are cast from a special mix of white cement, sand and other additives.  Our unique casting process is intended to re-create the veining and crevices found in natural stone and the patterns are unique to each mantel.   Unlike other cast stone fireplace mantels that may have a smooth sand finish, our fireplace mantels show the voids and defects found in real stone and have a slightly un-even hand carved surface. The overall clean and modern finish has the look of white limestone.

Cast stone is a method of creating a strong man-made stone product without the expense of carving and delivering actual quarried stone. This means you get the appearance of a hand carved mantel at a fraction of the cost. Our fireplace mantels are a cement based material with steel reinforcement that does not contain gypsum.

Please note that over time, some shrinkage may occur due to normal expansion and contraction of cast stone in an air-conditioned environment. Because the mantel contains steel and fiberglass reinforcement, this shrinkage in no way affects the structural integrity of the mantel and can be easily touched up.

An antique tint is applied to the un-filled crevices and veining and then wiped off to give a time worn and aged effect. This antiquing process is only offered in an earth tone coffee color .

Antique  Stain

Un-Filled Stone White

Our natural mix is a white blend designed to provide the look of porous stone without stain or back-fill .  The crevices and veining are more visible giving it a natural stone appearance. Our natural stone finish is designed to have a slightly imperfect or hand honed appearance with variations that give it the character of real stone.

3  Finish Options

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Any differences you see in the colors of the fireplace mantels shown on the website are due to lighting and photography conditions.

All finishes are completed before delivery and installation.  Please let us know at the time of ordering, which mantle finish you prefer.

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A layer of off-white filler is applied  over the natural white surface of the mantel pieces, then sanded and honed to give the look of an off white limestone.  The crevices and veining are smoother, but are still very much slightly visible. Our natural stone finish is designed to have a slightly imperfect or hand honed appearance with variations that give it the character of real stone.

Back-Fill  Sanded